Home News Norwegian police adopting new uniforms that are ‘Jake from State Farm’ hideous

Norwegian police adopting new uniforms that are ‘Jake from State Farm’ hideous

Image credit: Norway Police
Image credit: Norway Police

People in Norway don’t seem too pleased with the grey-green “urban camouflage” uniforms the police are currently testing out.

“They’re like something out of science fiction,” many Norwegians are saying. Some people are comparing the new outfits to ‘street cleaners’ uniforms, outfits worn by the Gestapo or something worn by totalitarian dictators.

The new duds are apparently being tried out to see if they’ll help officers “slip more into the crowds.” But the public doesn’t seem all that thrilled.

Many are taking to social media to express their disappointment and disgust.

“A unanimous thumbs down” and “Fine if you work for a fascist regime,” some users posted. Others struck a mocking tone, saying: “The Empire Strikes Back, have they paid royalties to [George] Lucas?”

Officials with the National Police Directorate told BBC News, “This is a trial project, and the uniforms will only be tested and worn in training situations – not when interacting with the public.”

The outfits are reportedly designed to replace the black jumpsuits worn by armed officers or those in special units. Police won’t make a final decision on the new uniforms until their two-year pilot program concludes.

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