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North Wales police intentionally run over dog running through highway traffic


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Police in north Wales intentionally ran over and killed a dog, claiming they had no other option.

The foxhound was running into oncoming traffic on a busy stretch of highway in the early morning hours on Monday. It was just after 3am, when the North Wales Force was called out to the scene– in response to multiple reports that the animal was “running in and out of traffic.”

At one point, an officer tried to reach out to the dog but was bitten and the animal escaped, local media reported.

“It ran into the middle of the unlit road forcing traffic, including a car and HGV to swerve to avoid it while officers were on foot on the carriageway,” according to the Daily Post.

The A55 is such a fast and busy road, officers didn’t want to take any chances, after witnessing a number of near misses. They were concerned that there could’ve been a high-speed collision and possible loss of human life.

The chief inspector of the roads policing unit said, “The potential for serious collision was present throughout and in the circumstances, there was no alternative way that officers could contain the dog and minimize the risks to motorists.”

But many people blasted the decision on social media saying the police could have shut down the roadway, until they got the animal under control. “This was a particularly tragic incident,” the RSPCA told Mashable. The animal rights organization said it was speaking to the police to get more information.

Both officers involved in the incident apparently have their own dogs and this was not an easy decision for them, officials said.

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