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North Carolina sheriff says his deputies will no longer use tasers, deputies must go ‘hands-on’


Wake County deputies in North Carolina will now have to go hands-on with unruly suspects, thanks to a policy change that forbids the use of tasers.

Sheriff Gerald Baker announced the change of policy, one of many that were enacted on Tuesday.

The decision was based on a 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that tasers may be seen as an unconstitutionally excessive force in some situations.

Rather than risk liability and implement new policies concerning the use of tasers, the law enforcement agency has simply determined that it will discontinue use of the nonlethal devices once they exceed their shelf life.

According to WRAL, legal advisers for the County remarked that deputies weren’t happy with the decision, but are still willing to do their job.

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  1. No news here. Just another administrator who doesn’t give two shits about his people who work the streets. Been there, done that. Every single force level can be construed as “excessive force in some situations”.

    • Police officers know the risk of their jobs.. but what about the criminals? Seems most of the risk for them is being removed. Hand tied officers and soft judges.

  2. And there goes the body count in 3…2…1
    Now let’s see which county follows suit?!
    Guess what , I’m going home to my family at any cost. Guys and gals please be safe until we can vote this guy out…

  3. Steve just remove one of the only non-lethal force is that they have now they have to go direct him to him hand to hand combat or under police policy should the suspect . I see a lot more police shootings in the near future and they would be justified


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