Home News North Carolina passes bill that allows motorists to drive through road-blocking protesters

North Carolina passes bill that allows motorists to drive through road-blocking protesters


The North Carolina House has passed a bill that would allow local drivers to run through crowds of road-blocking protesters, so long as they exercise “due care.”

NC House Bill 330 was passed by a 67-48 vote and was introduced by Republican representative Justin Burr.

According to Burr, the bill “provides that a person driving an automobile while exercising due care is immune for civil liability for any injury to another if the injured person was participating in a demonstration or protest and blocking traffic.”

Burr claims the bill is to improve safety while showing that blocking the road is intolerable.

“As we’ve seen, time and time again, as folks run out in the middle of the streets and the interstates in Charlotte and attempt to block traffic,” Burr said. The Republican commented that he wants to ensure that “drivers don’t have to fear driving through Charlotte or anywhere in North Carolina.”

Contrary to some initial reports, the bill does not allow people to legally run down protesters.

“This bill does not allow for the driver of a vehicle to target protesters intentionally,” he added. “It does protect individuals who are rightfully trying to drive down the road.”

The bill is now heading to the NC Senate for final approval.

According to Charlotte Stories, Charlotte saw a number of roads blocked after the death of Keith Lamont Scott and subsequent protests last year, with rioting to boot.


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  1. Yaaaaa! Justin Burr should be commended for protecting the rights and safety of law abiding citizens.
    SC needs to follow your lead.

  2. Were these guys cheering the tank, or the individual freedom-loving man, in the famous Tienanmen Square face-off?

    These people don’t belong in the country of the Boston Tea Party. They should consider North Korea, where murdering dissenters is the order of the day every day.


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