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North Carolina man arrested after punching 11-year-old girl in self defense


An unknown altercation at a mall in North Carolina Saturday night resulted in an 11-year-old female being punched by a 51-year-old piano teacher.

David Steven Bell -a married father of two children- was arrested after he was filmed punching an 11-year-old girl and pushing two other teens after he was surrounded at a mall in Asheville.

Bell was released from custody on the misdemeanor charges of assault on a female under the age of 12 and two counts of assault on a female.

While it is unknown what happened prior to the incident and neither party involved has spoken about the incident, audio and video footage implies that Bell attempted to break up a fight between the girls, who did not take kindly to his intervention and assaulted him as a result.

Bell can be heard saying “break it up” during the altercation, with the girls asking “who is he?” before one pushes him in the back, shifting his center of balance.

Upon being pushed, Bell shoved back on the girl, sending her into a metal pole. Demanding satisfaction, the girl then rose to her feet and charged Bell, resulting in her being knocked out by the piano teacher.

An off-duty police officer detained Bell shortly after.

Video footage -which often swings wildly out of frame with the scene- was posted to Instagram, and has been shared across the internet.

According to Heavy, Bell was sent Buncombe County Jail, where he was booked and released at 1AM the following day. He has no previous criminal record, but could face over 1.5 years in jail if convicted on all three charges.

Bell was forced to delete his social media and piano-teaching business profiles after the incident. He is due in court next month.

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  1. The guy was completely justified in his defensive moves. It matters not the age or gender of the aggressors, if they know exactly what they are doing. These weren’t toddlers, even if they acted like it. This guy did exactly what was right and necessary. Perhaps if more people took this stance, we’d have far less problems like these kids in the future.

  2. Exactly why was he arrested when he was acting in self defense? That girl deserved it. I don’t give a care what her age was. Keep control of your kids or someone else will.

  3. She got exactly what she asked for when she ran up on that man. Bet the little fuckhead thinks twice next time. Momma may let you pull that bullshit but any self respecting adult is gonna lay your little punk ass out!!

  4. Vickie, he gets arrested because it’s procedure for the police. He takes him to see the judge who decides if there are sufficient elements to move forward or if it’s just dismissed. Arrested is not the same as charged with. Hope it helps!

  5. A 160lb 11 year old. That man had every right to do what he did, some fucking niggres decided to square up and act like a gorilla, and she got smacked for it. Teach your kid to act right and then grown ass men won’t have to cram 11 year of parenting into 2 seconds.

  6. Bahahaha….. F with the Bull and you get the horns. Someone start a gofund me page and I will gladly contribute to his defense. All you snowflakes that think you can get away with intimidation, bullying and violence better wake up before someone gets shot.

  7. So this this guy breaks up a fight and then lamps a little girl has hard as he can. How is that the right thing to do? He could have killed her. And you lot in the comments support this? WTF is wrong with you people. Shame he didn’t have a gun he could have shot her. You people make me sick.

  8. Thank Allah our BRAVE boys in blue were there to arrest this THUG assaulter, while they did nothing to break up the fight involving the peaceful, innocent, young children who were just playing around. GO POLICE! MUH BLUE LIVES MATTER! MUH BLUE LINE FLAGS! MUH BACK THE BLUE! KEEP FOLLOWING THOSE ORDERS AND OBEYING THE CHIEF AND JUDGES!

    • Allah? As if Allah gives a rat’s ass about females. Furthermore, the only thug in this scenario is the disrespectful punk girl. Kids no longer care who they bully, even adults — very poor upbringing. She attacked this man not once but twice. I suppose he should have just stood there and be punched, kicked, spit on, or anything else that little heathen had to offer.

      Could have killed her? I can’t stop laughing. Perhaps with your respect for women, you should stick to murdering rape victims and performing female genital mutilation.

  9. Guess being a good Samaritan does not matter anymore, let’s hope he has a good attorney and gets him off because he did nothing wrong.

  10. This what happens when you don’t spank your kids. Yea not all kids need to be spanked, but many do. This little girl had NO FEAR of an adult 10x her size and actually thought she could attack him and it would end well. She got what she deserved. N it seems to me like he was protecting someone, and defending himself.

  11. Agreed. She charged him, and it appeared that all of the kids were circling to jump him. No one has to stand there and let anyone beat on them when they’ve done nothing wrong. He will be acquitted of he takes it trial. The D.A. will try to tempt him with a “sweet” probation deal to avoid it.


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