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Norfolk has it’s own costumed do-gooder, the ‘Black Widow’


Citizens in the Virginian city of Norfolk have an off-brand masked man of mystery patrolling their streets with a collapsible baton and a snazzy spider-themed outfit.

The Black Widow -a 20-year-old male who goes by the alias Matsuda Yuuma- walks the streets of Norfolk in search of crime in a costume that would pique the interests of Marvel comic trademark lawyers.

The Black Widow does more than patrolling- he also attends parties, keeps the homeless company and even goes to conventions. He even participated in the Women’s March, where he got a stern warning from police for wearing a mask (which is against the law in his locality).

Widow has only ever stopped one crime, taking the blow meant for a woman who was being assaulted by her husband. While BW insists he was prepared (his utility belt holds pepper spray, a retractable baton, a first-aid kit and some multitools) he was more likely spared further harm due to the fact that the police showed up right around the same time he was being hit.

“I prefer to talk people out of a fight,” he said, claiming he has a background in martial arts.

When he isn’t being the Black Widow, Yuuma works as a restaurant employee and DJ. He claims his superhero persona came from years of being bullied and ostracized.

“I had ADHD and would do things like crawling around on the floor,” he said. “People were just …they didn’t like things like that.”

He admits that becoming the Black Widow was not the easiest path, particularly since his costume is technically illegal.

“I kind of made some mistakes here and there and realized that we all want better in our lives,” Widow told The Virginian Pilot. “I found myself and found my own skin. I like to teach others to find their own skin and not be afraid of who they are. It’s all your creation. You know … we all die, but not all of us live.

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