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Nonviolent event turns reckless as officers are doused in water, had rocks thrown at them


Police officers in Atlanta exercised great restraint after they were doused with water during an illegal assembly.

The incident took place on Saturday at Perkerson Park, when a few dozen people attending “#RealGunsDownWaterGunsUp,” an event promoting nonviolent conflict resolution.

However, after a few dozen turned into hundreds and congested traffic and police were sent in to break it up.

“That’s when most of the officers were doused with water,” Atlanta Deputy Police Chief Jeff Glazier told WSB.

Police cruisers with open doors were soaked with water, causing unknown damage.

Eventually, the crowd began throwing rocks at officers and jumping on fire trucks, which made it difficult for emergency crews to assist an individual with a medical emergency.

“When you’re jumping on top of fire trucks, then I think you can call that reckless,” Glazier said. “Some of (the people there) were having fun and some of them weren’t.”

Despite the situation turning disruptive, no arrests were made at the event and no officers were hurt.

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  1. Actually, that was kinda funny. It looked like the crowd was just having fun with the officers. Hell, water beats bullets!

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