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No charges against officer after body cam shows knife-wielding man advance on officer before fatal OIS


Police in the Texas town of Denton are breathing a sigh of relief as charges against one of their own -who shot and killed an armed man in February- have been dropped.

Officer John Landolfo will not have charges filed against him by a Denton County grand jury after he fired two rounds at 45-year-old Lawrence Shaw, having failed to subdue the knife-armed suspect with a Taser.

Shaw brandished his knife at police during a well-being check, threatening police before walking into the woods. Fearing that he may be a threat to others, officers Landolfo and Nelson followed him into the forest.

Vanishing for a moment, Shaw ambushed the police, charging Landolfo with the knife and forcing the officer to draw his Taser, attempting to use it twice.

Out of options, the seven-year police veteran opened fire with his service pistol, fatally wounding Shaw.

According to the Denton Record-Chronicle, Landolfo since has returned to the street as a patrol officer after he and his partner were placed on administrative leave.

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  1. Poor cops have to be so careful and apologetic just for doing their jobs and taking these criminal vermin off of our streets for good.
    Such a sad state this country is in at the moment, if it lasts too much longer, drastic measures will definitely have to be taken.
    Anyway, great shooting, officer. If you gotta shoot them, might as well take them out.


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