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NJ law clerk posts awful comments about trooper killed in crash


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By LEO Affairs staff

A New Jersey law clerk has resigned following hateful comments she made on social media regarding the death of State Trooper Anthony Raspa. Raspa was killed in an on-duty crash after his vehicle hit a deer. Leslie Anderson, a law clerk for Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Travis L. Francis, took to the New Jersey News 12 Facebook page to let everyone know that, well, she basically doesn’t have a heart, or a brain.

Her comments, which of course have been removed, stated “not that sad, and certainly not ‘tragic.’ Troopers were probably traveling at a dangerously high speed as per usual. Totally preventable. At least they didn’t take any of the citizens they were sworn to serve and protect with them.”

She continued with:

“The ‘victim’s’ employment as a state trooper is irrelevant to the circumstances, other than the fact that he injured a fellow trooper and destroyed state property as a result of his recklessness. He wasn’t running into a burning building or otherwise acting within the course of his employment at the time of the accident. The outcry and ‘thank yous’ are absurd, nonsensical, and completely unwarranted. There are people in this country and around the world dying for much less. There is nothing ‘tragic’ about this. Get over yourselves and your sense of entitlement, people,”

Image credit: LinkedIn
Image credit: LinkedIn

And if that wasn’t enough she had to let everyone know that she did actually feel bad for the family, OF THE DEER:

“Nonetheless, I agree that it is sad and heart wrenching for the family members left to suffer the consequences of the Trooper’s recklessness — especially for the deer family who lost a mommy or daddy or baby deer,” Anderson wrote.

Anderson was initially suspended for two weeks (with pay) pending the outcome of an internal investigation according to the Press of Atlantic City.



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