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“New York told you to follow a vehicle?” Kenosha police release body cam of traffic stop involving NBC producer following jury van


The Kenosha Police Department have released the body camera footage related to the incident where a NBC employee was stopped while following the jury van from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

James Joseph Morrison, an NBC News producer, was stopped after violating a traffic signal.

The KPD reported that the “vehicle was approximately one city block behind the unmarked van.”

According to Law & Crime, the officer’s body camera captured the exchange between Morrison and police.

“Were you following a vehicle?” one officer asked Morrison.

“I was trying to see…I was being called by New York, going, maybe these are people you need to follow, but I, I don’t know,” Morrison said.

“I was trying to . . .”

“You was trying to what?” an officer asked, confused by Morrison’s rambling.

“Just do what they told me to do,” Morrison responded.

“New York told you to follow a vehicle?” the officer asked.


When Morrison clarified that “New York” was the NBC/MSNBC entity in New York, he asked police if they wanted to speak to Irene Byon, a producer with the media company. 

“It was discreet,” Morrison said. “I wasn’t, like, you know, going to talk to anybody or anything. Just trying to find a location, that’s all.”

Eventually, police used Morrison’s phone to speak to Byon, who seemed unprepared to talk to them. 

“Um, we, we…we were just trying to respectfully, um, just trying to see if it’s, um, if it’s possible to, um, to try and get any leads about…um…about the, the case, and so we were, we, uh, we were just keeping our distance, um, just to see, like, where, um, peop…people involved in…in the…in the trial, um, are positioned,” she said. “By no means were we trying to get in contact with any of…any of the jury members or whoever’s in the car. We just were, um, trying to see, like, where, um, where key players in the trial may be at.”

The police then told both NBC employees not to do such a thing.

“We can’t afford anything crazy happening, putting people in dangerous positions,” the officer told Byon.

“We’re very sorry,” Byon said.

Morrison is due for court in December on traffic charges.

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