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New York Post slammed for outing husband of officer who slept with half her department

Officer Maegan Hall (center) was fired after an investigation revealed she had sex on duty with other officers (pictured).

An American tabloid is being slammed for outing the husband of a female police officer who slept with over half of the sworn officers in her Tennessee department- and the act has drawn outrage from readers.

In a recent recap of the tale of disgraced La Vergne Police officer Maegan Hall, the New York Post identified the woman’s husband, Jedidiah Hall.

Citing that Mr. Hall had not consented to an open marriage as Mrs. Hall had claimed, the Post ran a full story on the husband, pulling information about his work, birthplace and personal hobbies from social media and a promotional post he did for the state parks service.

Despite the popularity of the scandal, however, readers were overwhelmingly critical of the Post for exposing Mr. Hall and plastering his image all over the internet.

“Leave it to the post to expose the vulnerable and innocent,” Edwin Roman wrote in the article’s comment section.

“Why was it necessary to put the poor husband’s face and name in the paper?” Ron B. chimed in. “He wasn’t fired or involved. The poor sap just married poorly. Now he has to be that guy for the rest of his life. Rotten move by the Post.”

Others noted that Mrs. Hall will likely come out of the situation better than her husband, given the amount of men that will “simp” for her.

“Sad thing here is that she’ll go on OnlyFans, expose herself and make beaucoup bucks,” one commenter wrote.

Still, the majority of commenters sympathized with Mr. Hall, with one individual pointing out that the Post added insult to injury by posting the men Mrs. Hall cheated on him with (to include one which she was overheard saying had a “big black c***”) in the same article.

“As if his wife being all over the news isn’t bad enough, we now have an article with his face followed by the faces of the BBC that nailed his wife right after,” a reader observed. “Classy-all-around, folks.”


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  1. My thing is what was SHE fired for? If it was for having sex “on duty” then all of them should have been fired and not just her alone! If SHE wants to swing her private Parts from Mexico to Canada that’s her business and private parts.

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