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New York Correction Officer hospitalized for groin injury inflicted by female Captain during training

New York Correction Officer Mike Lynch. Credit: Facebook.

UPDATE: Following publication of the story, it has been brought to our attention that Captain Shaseannia Pittman was previously under investigation for carrying on a lengthy relationship with a career criminal who was held at Rikers, where she worked, according to the NY Post.  She even went as far as allegedly posting to social media upon her convict boyfriend’s death, “MY DADDY, I LOVE YOU FOR LIFE!”

As if the original story wasn’t odd enough to begin with.


New York Correction Officers made the news again as a training session in Queens turned into a ball-busting day at the office on Tuesday, sources claim.

Corrections Captain Mike Lynch was treated for testicular injuries after female Captain Shaseannia Pittman grabbed his manly parts during combatives training at the Middle Village-based training center.

Lynch went to the hospital for treatment but was back on the job the next day, according to the New York Daily News.

The article detailed that “Lynch was demonstrating how to get out of a chokehold on Capt. Pittman when she became agitated and yanked his crotch.”

The training was the result of a settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit, in order to reduce attacks by officers against inmates. However, it took a painful turn for Lynch.

“The training that they are giving is kind of ridiculous,” argued Patrick Ferraiuolo, president of the Correction Captains Association. “You can’t teach somebody a martial arts move by going to the academy for three days and expect them to apply that. Martial arts is taught over years. It’s really a total waste of time.”

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  1. Affair? No it wasn’t an affair. That was her boyfriend and she didn’t meet him in jail. And the clown Lynch rubbed his erect penis on her during training when she defended herself. People always take stories and run with them


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