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New video reveals Pompano Beach vice mayor harassed officers long before traffic stop incident


Chris Perkins

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

The vice mayor of Pompano Beach, who was captured on bodycam video using profanity toward a police officer after he stopped her for speeding, was also captured in a December 2020 bodycam video in a dispute with deputies regarding a traffic route.

Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins is seen arguing with two Broward sheriff’s deputies during a Dec. 19, 2020, incident about a route she took on a city street while going to a Christmas event at a community center.

Perkins was captured on video in April using profanity toward a Fort Lauderdale police officer. But the video didn’t surface until July.

Both videos were recorded by bodycam video worn by law enforcement officials.

Perkins didn’t respond to email or voicemail requests for comment.

Perkins is running for re-election in November. Asked whether the release of the most recent video was politically-motivated, Pompano Beach Mayor Rex Hardin said it’s tough to be certain.

“That would be speculation to say that it’s politically motivated,” he said Thursday. “Almost everything is politically motivated when you’re dealing with an elected official so, yes, of course it’s politically motivated. But what the ultimate goal of releasing it is, I can’t answer that. It’s been in existence for some time.”

In the December 2020 video, no profanities were used and no one raised their voices.

But the incident raises a question about whether Perkins or other city officials are entitled to certain privileges not afforded ordinary citizens.

One month after the incident, Perkins filed a complaint against Deputy Kevin Taub and Sgt. Jerome Squadrito over to the incident, according to records from the Broward Sheriff’s Office. In that complaint, Perkins reportedly said it’s “common practice for commissioners, the vice mayor, the mayor and other key city staff are shown a disposition of kindness and courtesies in similar city-wide sanctioned special events. This courtesy is a component needed to effectively conduct city business.”

Hardin said city officials sometimes have designated parking areas at events.

“BSO will sometimes move cones to allow us to get into where we are allowed to park,” he said. “But I don’t know what the particulars were in the episode she’s videotaped discussing.

“I have certainly never gone some place where BSO told me not to, and I would not think that is appropriate. The mere fact that we are reserved parking spaces sometimes at events that’s not necessarily a requirement to do our jobs. It is a courtesy that is afforded to all of the city commissioners if they’re going to an event if there’s available parking.”

According to Perkins’ complaint, the incident started when she was driving to the sheriff’s Christmas Extravaganza at E. Pat Larkins Community Center in Pompano Beach. Perkins was attempting to turn left into the community center from MLK Boulevard when Taub, who was directing traffic, shouted at her to “turn around and enter like everyone else.”

Perkins said she identified herself as vice mayor of Pompano Beach and Taub said, “I don’t care who you are.”

Perkins said she asked him “please” twice more, and Taub said no, adding, “You are not special, this is your second time doing this to me.” She said Taub mentioned she did the same thing at the Feeding South Florida event at Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park.

Perkins, according to the complaint, said Taub’s behavior was “combative, disrespectful, and vicious in his tone, aggressive in his body language and displayed a lack of ability to mediate this situation.”

After Perkins insisted she should be able to turn, the complaint says Taub picked up the traffic cones, threw them to the side and said, “go do whatever you want to do.”

Perkins then walked back to get Taub’s name and was met by Squadrito, who, according to the complaint, “spoke to her in a loud shouting tone, indicating, he agreed with Deputy Taub, and said. ‘you cannot do whatever you want.’ “

It’s at this point that Squadrito’s body-worn camera captures the remaining part of the incident.

Perkins was captured in the April video telling a Fort Lauderdale police officer her name and title and then remarking he should “find something better to f—— do,” after the officer pulled her over for speeding and issued her a warning.

Perkins apologized for that incident at a July city commission meeting.

Hardin said he’s not aware of any disciplinary action the city will take against Perkins for the 2020 incident.

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