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New video proves Oklahoma City fatal OIS on bus completely justified (Graphic Content)


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Bus surveillance video shows a carjacking suspect jumping onto an Oklahoma City bus to escape police, ordering frightened passengers to leave the vehicle then trying to grab one officer’s weapon before being shot dead by another officer.

Police say 42-year-old Miguel Angel Chavez-Angles hijacked a car on June 24 then locked himself inside an auto repair shop before boarding the bus. Officers were initially investigating a vandalism complaint.

The video released Monday by the Oklahoma City Police Department shows Chavez grabbing for Officer Heather Lane’s gun, then wrestling her to the floor of the bus. Officer Daniel Carli boards and shoots Chavez several times.

Television station KOCO reported Tuesday that the officers are on paid administrative leave.

No bystanders were hurt.

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  1. FIRE THE FEMALE OFFICER ON THE SPOT! SHE RUSHED INTO THE SITUATION! She practically handed over the gun to the perp, but first hlazed the drover of the bus, thus endangered lives and her own as she WAS INCOMPETENT to maintain her gun! She yelled for help as she is clearly incompetent!

    Shooting by male officer is fully justified! SHE HOWEVER SHOULD BE FIRED ON SPOT!

    • Wow, are you a cop? Probably not because if you were then you would realize how stupid your comment is.
      I believe both officers did there job the way they were trained.

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