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New video of Sandra Bland’s 2015 traffic stop doesn’t show her escalating confrontation


Investigative Network, a nonprofit news organization, has released Sandra Bland’s cell phone video of her 2015 arrest that shows the Texas State Trooper pulled his stun gun and pointed it at her face at close range as he yelled: “I will light you up.”

According to CBS News, Bland was pulled over for a traffic violation and the stop turned dramatic from there.

In the dash cam video, previously released by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Bland escalated the situation when the trooper returned to her window to issue her a warning.

He asked if things were alright and Bland angrily responded and started a verbal confrontation with the trooper from there. It was at that point when she pulled out her cell phone to record the interaction.

Three days after Bland’s arrest, she was found hanging in her jail cell.

Bland’s family says they never saw the cell phone video, though the Texas Department of Public Safety says the video was available to both the family and investigators.

Bland’s family eventually settled with the state for $2 million.

The trooper in the video was fired.

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