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New video of 2017 altercation between Glynn County Police and Ahmaud Arbery emerges


Law enforcement in Georgia recently released a bodycam video related to the controversial citizen shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, showing the aforementioned man being tased during a 2017 encounter with local officers.

The video shows Glynn County Police initiating contact with Arbery, who was sitting in his 2001 Toyota Camry at a local Brunswick park.

According to a report filled out by Officer Kanago, Arbery was wearing a heavy winter coat without a shirt, and was behaving in such a matter that his actions could “be associated with running on foot, violent engagement and intoxication.”

The report states that Arbery claimed he was simply “relaxing and rapping in his vehicle,” though he became impatient when the officer ran his information.

“Nobody not even driving the car,” Arbery said. “What the f*** you comin’ over here for? The f*** you come over and f***with me for?”

The officer noted that he explained the area was popular for drug activity, which angered Arbery even more. Requesting backup, the officer kept Arbery in place and did a patdown for weapons, but turned up nothing.

While looking through the window for items in plain view, the officer’s actions soon upset Arbery again, who put his hands in his pockets.

Tactical Officer Haney, the backup who had arrived shortly before, deployed his Taser, which malfunctioned.

Officer Kanago then asked Arbery if he could get consent to search the vehicle, which he was denied. Taking this into account, Kanago told Arbery he was free to go.

In the report, it is noted that Arbery -whose license was suspended- was not permitted to leave in his vehicle, and “ran off yelling something inaudible at us.”

Later, the officer reported seeing a plastic baggie with a “leafy substance” in Arbery’s center console, and smelled burned marijuana.

Attorneys representing Arbery’s family told The Guardian that the footage depicted “a situation where Ahmaud was harassed by Glynn County Police officers.”

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