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New TV show will train celebrities critical of police as reservists, put them on streets

Greater Manchester Police Officers. Image credit: Terry from UK via Wikimedia Commons.

Celebrities in the UK will patrol the mean streets in a new reality show that puts A-listers on the duty roster.

Known as Famous and Fighting Crime, the goal of the show is to give celebrities a crash-course for police reservists, swear them in and put them on the streets.

According to UK Channel 4, the “bold” show will “give these well-known rookies the chance to see what it’s really like to be on the sharp end of policing.”

Much like police reservists in much of the USA, the celebrities will be trained and buddied up with active-duty officers, who will take them on patrol and have them “work shifts in units from traffic to public order, custody to patrol and burglary, as well as coming together to help police events such as a rowdy football match or keeping order on a big Saturday night shift.”

While it is unknown who will be on the show, actor Tom Hardy has already earned his stripes after he chased down a scooter thief and arrested him last year.

According to iNews, the stars may often be people who have had negative interactions or views with police, offering them a little more perspective.

The celebrities will have powers of arrest and “the same sort of training as real-life Special Constables”.

“We will be working with a police force which we will reveal in due course,” a Channel 4 spokesman said.

Most police forces in the UK fall under some serious centralized control, meaning that the transition from department to department could be much easier than it is in the US.

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