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New phishing scam involves racy text messages sent ‘accidentally’

Image credit: Reddit

A provocative new scam is hitting text message inboxes across the country, and it’s becoming a problem for those who get suckered into it.

The new scamming trend involves a photo from an unknown number being sent to a recipient, that, when opened, reveals a girl pulling her shirt up with her mouth, exposing her cleavage in a bra.

In California, a pair of friends put two and two together after receiving the same message, and began interacting with the mysterious sender to see what happens.

The number of origin, which is registered in Pennsylvania, would respond with pre-written comments designed to lure the individual into communicating with the flirtatious bot on the other end.

“How embarrassing I thought this was someone I talked to on a dating app. I’m so sorry!” the mystery number replied “Are you in Sanborn [a small part of Woodward Township in PA] also? and are you a even guy? lol.”

No matter your response, the bot will continue to respond, eventually attempting to phish individuals over to a webcam porn site.

According to SFGate, the scam texts were noticed widely within the San Francisco area, but ultimately are being transmitted to phones all over the country.

A similar “bot” trend plagues some instant messenger and email services, and has been going on for well over a decade. A cursory look through one’s “spam” folder may reveal similar messages.

While the texts at least come with saucy photos, much like food and communism, not everyone gets their fill.

“I just got a text message with a clearly phishy link,” wrote one user on Reddit. “Not even lucky enough to get nudes.”

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