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New Orleans Police pulls recruitment video after it shows gyrating dancers

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New Orleans is not Cleveland. That’s a fact. Bourbon Street is famous for its rowdy crowds, crazy nightlife, and wild things you see. The New Orleans Police Department decided to lean into what makes New Orleans unique and is now backtracking.

According to the Daily Mail, NOPD has removed an ad that featured half-naked dancers and other local cultures all surrounding an NOPD officer with the caption, “this isn’t Cleveland.”

The caption is in reference to a Tenessee Williams quote, “America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”

After the $27,000 30-second video was posted online, people swarmed the comments saying it was inappropriate and promoted an unhealthy lifestyle.

The video ad was an attempt by the NOPD to recruit more people of diverse backgrounds as their staffing levels have continued to drop and the murder rate climbs.

Despite the takedown of the video, NOPD says the 23 billboards featuring the same theme will remain up within the city.

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