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New Oregon law ensures convicted cop killers face the death penalty

Source: Oregon State Police Facebook

Oregon lawmakers have amended a crime bill that would carry the death penalty for the “aggravated murder” of law enforcement, corrections and parole, and probation officers.

While current Oregon law defines aggravated murder crime as killing more than one person or killing someone during a rape or robbery, the infractions would be reclassified under Senate Bill 1013 as first-degree murder.  It would also carry a maximum center of life without parole.

SB 1013 now considers aggravated murder to encompass acts of terror that kill two or more people, the killing of LEOs, and the premeditated slaying of minors under the age of 14.

According to Oregon Live, the bill would also change one of the four questions given to juries who must decide whether or not to impose a death sentence.

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  1. This law violates the Declaration of Independence!

    The Right of the People to Change or Abolish their government!

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