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New Milwaukee sheriff makes controversial move against ICE


In stark contrast to the man he replaced, Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas says he will stop sharing information with Immigration and Customs officials and that if the federal agency wants to pick up an undocumented immigrant, it has to provide a valid warrant before they are lawfully released.

According to Wisconsin Public Radio, Sheriff Lucas is hoping to avoid potential lawsuits that have plagued other local agencies for holding onto illegal immigrants longer than their sentence.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office was once run by David Clarke, a noted President Trump supporter who not only fully cooperated with ICE but tried to sign a 287(g) agreement to give deputies the authority to act as ICE representatives.

Clarke left to take a job with a pro-Trump political action group and in November Sheriff Lucas defeated his handpicked replacement.

Sheriff Lucas outlined his new plan in a Facebook post back in February.

Some are hoping the change will help community relations between his deputies and the immigrant communities.

At least two other Wisconsin counties have similar non-ICE compliant policies in place.

According to the TRAC Immigration database project at Syracuse University, between 2011 and 2017 a little more than 2,000 immigrants were deported from Wisconsin.

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  1. So long as the federal government fails to enforce existing federal law to arrest, try, and incarcerate state and local officials for harboring, enticing, or concealing illegal aliens, this BS will continue. I hope the new Attorney General will move in that direction. Apparently DHS, which could also arrest these malefactors, has taken a pass.

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