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New law could allow police to sue protesters, collect damages


A New York County is considering passing what is being called a ‘Human Rights Law’ that will allow police officers to sue protesters and collect financial damages from them.

According to ABC News, the legislation is being considered in Nassau County and is a direct response to the protests New York saw after the death of George Floyd.

The bill would allow the county to sue protesters on behalf of the officers. It also calls for a fine that could total up to $25,000 for anyone who harasses, menaces, or injuries an officer. It could double to $50,000 if the participate was part of a “riot.”

So far, there is support from both the right and left-wing of the county legislator, though the bill’s vote is still up in the air.

The county’s police union stated the organization supports the bill.

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  1. I like the idea but it must be carefully monitored. Every claim that is put in by a LEO needs to be thoroughly investigated by an independent and non-biased panel in order to prevent a backlash of misunderstanding and misinformation spread by the Main Stream Media, and we all know they will do whatever they can to stir up trouble and disharmony among US citizens.


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