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New Jersey woman attacks man and his Porsche with hammer because she hates “fancy white people”


Caroline County, VA – A New Jersey woman is facing potential hate crime charges after attacking a man, his car and boat with a hammer at a gas station of I-95 in Virginia.

Angela M. Jones, 23, of Newark allegedly approached the man as he was filling up his Porsche at an Exxon gas station in Caroline County and began yelling at him, according to WTVR.

As the man tried to ignore her, she began smashing his car and boat with a hammer. When he approached her, she turned her aggression on him, striking him in the face and body multiple times with the hammer.

During the attack, the Jones, who is black, referred to the victim as “rich” and “white,” and said she was “sick of fancy white people,” according to statements by the man.

When the man’s wife returned from the restroom, Jones allegedly spit in her face and made other racist remarks about white people and class, according to WTVR.

At some point during the attack, the woman’s hammer broke, apparently ending the vicious beating

Jones drove off, but was identified by authorities and is now being sought on charges of malicious wounding, assault, and destruction of property.

The victim and his wife were heading back to Massachusetts from Florida.

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  1. The world has gone mad!!!! This is nuts, all this race crap. I was born in the 50’s and I remember the race troubles we had then. I went with the girl scouts to Washington, DC and there was shooting at the bus we were in. We had to stay in the diner we could not return to the buses for several hours. My father was threatened with death because he let blacks come in the front door and eat off of silverware that whites ate off of. We ended up leaving W. Virginia and moving back to Pa. I was NEVER raised to hate anyone because of their skin color only because of their actions and this lady plainly had a bad attitude. This is wrong and should not be tolerated!!!!!!

    • what part of W.Va. did you experience this mistreatment. Was it during Robert C. Byrds Ku Klux Klan years when he was called the conscience of the democratic party for leading all the other democrats against the Civil Rights Act of 1964

  2. Obama’s America.
    Yes! He DID do that!
    I’m sure that charlie manson is proud that obama did more for HELTER SKELTER than he did.

  3. We have a lot of racist black people living in New Jersey. I went to public school with them and many of them would say hateful racist comments talking about white peoples skin color being ugly and pale. Racism works both ways. The idiots on the Left want you to believe black people can’t be racist yet the most racist people I’ve ran into in life have been black people. I’m not trying to stereotype because I also know a lot of good black people too but it’s the bad ones that make stereotypes look true.

    • Uh…there are terrible people in every race and literally everyone points out race because EVERYONE has stereotypes built up.

      It’s the same reason people attribute shitty people to either left or right. It’s so tiring that everyone feels the need to label stupidity instead of saying: Hey this is ONE person…one very shitty person.

      Labeling is so stupid.

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