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New Info: Mom who sobbed for cameras after teen daughter live-streamed suicide regularly beat girl


A Florida woman whose teenager committed suicide blamed everyone but herself, despite records showing that she beat her child with a belt over 30 times and regularly dismissing her child- telling one case worker that the 14-year old girl was “y’all’s problem.”

In a scathing op-ed penned by Ana Veciana-Suarez for the Miami Herald, Veciana-Suarez placed blame of the suicide of  14-year-old Naika Venant -who hung herself in a foster care shower stall in January- on the girl’s mother, Gina Alexis.

Alexis was quick to make a scene after her daughter’s death, crying on camera and blaming Florida foster care for the suicide.

“I have to bury my baby,” she said, choking back what Veciana-Suarez would call “crocodile tears.”

Records from the Florida Department of Children & Families show that Alexis beat her daughter thirty times with a belt and did very little when -after her daughter was taken into custody- Venant was reportedly raped in a foster home.

Worse, when a case manager tried to set up a Christmas meeting, 31-year-old Alexis reported “she had been drinking and smoking and therefore was not in a presentable condition.”

Alexis fired back, citing her child’s penchant for running away, sending explicit photos to other teens and dancing in her underwear on Facebook.

For Veciana-Suarez, however, this was a cop-out answer.

“As a mother who has weathered her fair share of rebellion and disrespect, I can kind of, sort of, almost, maybe empathize,” she wrote. “What mother wouldn’t?

“But this understanding lasts all of a nanosecond. A mother’s love, I believe, should be unconditional, not tied to a child’s appearance, intelligence or behavior. Alexis seems to have shown no sense of this. At one point, she even texted a caseworker: ‘Naika is y’all (sic) problem…I’m done with the games.’ And when Naika asked to visit her brother, Alexis answered with a row of emojis in the shape of a hand, its middle finger extended.”

The author decried Alexis’ response, claiming that such emotions are not likely to win the negligent parent any rewards.

“So if this undeserving mother wants comfort and sympathy, she won’t get it from me,” she said. “Crocodile tears are not the way to mourn a child who deserved better.”


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  1. I was whipped with a belt. Thats not.child abuse when its onthe butt. SC still allows corporal punishment. Including spankings. More kids need to be spanked. Most cops wpuld agree. What kind of pansy ass excuse.is.it that the child killed herself.because of.spankings that shouldnt have even been brought up.


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