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New details released about shooter at middle school in Wisconsin

This photo of students was shared on Facebook just days before an armed 14-year-old was shot and killed by police. (Mount Horeb Area School District)

Brian Niemietz
New York Daily News

A 14-year-old suspected of bringing a gun to a Wisconsin middle school is dead following a confrontation with police, sources told ABC News.

Reports of gunfire outside a Wisconsin middle school sparked a “mass casualty” warning on social media late Wednesday morning. Video posted on X appeared to show a heavy police presence outside Mount Horeb Middle School, roughly 20 miles west of Madison.

The teen allegedly approached the school with a long gun, but he didn’t get far. The Mount Horeb Area School District posted notice that an active shooter visited the school on Wednesday but “did not breach” the building’s entryway.

He was identified as Damian Haglund by Channel3News, but no official source has confirmed this. “Damian took his grandfather’s car, crashed it into a house, then proceeded on foot to the school where he fired a few shots outside,” they wrote.

According to a school roster of their outdoor track team, he would of graduated in 2026.

Dane County Police warned citizens to stay indoors as they investigated reports of a shooter armed with a rifle.

A short time later, school district officials implied in an update the situation may have been remedied but did not share exact details.

“An initial search of the middle school has not yielded additional suspects,” educators posted on Facebook. “As importantly, we have no reports of individuals being harmed, with the exception of the alleged assailant.”

School officials said the threat had been “neutralized” outside the middle school, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


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