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New details released about married dispatcher accused of being involved with at least six officers

Source: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

Update: The 911 dispatcher out of Texas who recently made headlines for her explicit affairs with police officers, is currently facing dismissal from her duties and has only recently begun going back out in public.

Bexar County dispatcher Krystle Perez, 38, reportedly has a history of being unfaithful – both to her previous husband and current estranged husband.

In fact, her ex-husband and San Antonio Police Officer Todd Tackitt stated that he had learned of Perez’s infidelity to her current LEO husband, Giancarlo Perez, and noted the similarities.

Like Perez, Tackitt discovered his now ex-wife was fooling around on him by accessing her phone records, where he found explicit texts and other media.

Tackitt, who is still currently entrenched and battling for custody over his two children, declined to speak any further on the matter.

According to the Daily Mail, Perez’s most recent acts of adultery against her current husband also involved over half a dozen male law enforcement officers in the area.

“They use emojis to reference body parts, they talk about kissing, making out and these sexual connections,” Giancarlo said to the media recently. “She was the love of my life and it was very distraught, heartbreaking, I was in disbelief.”

After Giancarlo reported his wife’s transgressions to Internal Affairs on December 6 of last year, he filed for divorce.

April 10 – A married 911 dispatcher in Texas and two police officers are facing dismissal after it was found out she was sexting and engaging in affairs with multiple first responders within her county jurisdiction.

Krystle Perez, who works for San Antonio’s Bexar County dispatch on the night shift, reportedly engaged in sexually charged communications with seven law enforcement officers.

Perez was caught by her husband, who not only uncovered the sexting scandals, but learned she had been sleeping with at least two of the county’s lawmen.

Deputy Juan Leal, has been placed on unpaid leave as a result of the affair, while Deputy Jason Jarvis, is potentially facing a suspension of 30 days.

Source: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

Perez herself was placed on leave and faces termination.

In addition to the aforementioned three, BCSO Sergeant Renaldo Salinas is also on unpaid leave.

All parties involved could face termination, with such an event being more likely for some than others.

According to the Daily Mail, Perez’s husband -a local area policeman named Giancarlo Perez- is planning on divorcing her.

“She was the love of my life and it was very distraught, heartbreaking,” he told a local news station. “I was in disbelief.”

Some of the text messages between Mrs. Perez and Salinas we’re incredibly descriptive, describing their bizarre sexual encounters- something that had to come as a heartbreaking shock to Mr. Perez.

“I feel so Hot and Sexy when I’m in you,” Salinas told Mrs. Perez in a text.

“I can feel all of it and I love it,” she replied.

Other messages show Perez expressing her joy at being “rolled up in bed like a burrito.”

But Salinas was not the only man, of course- Leal also got his share of the married woman.

“I can’t wait for us to be naked and us caressing each other and then kissing each other all over,” Leal told her.

“And then I can lay on you and kiss you all over,” Perez replied.

The affairs are currently under investigation, and punishments will be dealt out accordingly after all evidence is reviewed.

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