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New dash camera footage shows trooper in Utah sent flying by BMW in wintry conditions


A Utah State Trooper is lucky to be alive after a BMW slid into him and sent him flying through the air like a ragdoll.

The incident went down in Sardine Canyon over the weekend, when Sergeant Cade Brenchley became the 11th State Trooper to be hit by a car in 2018, after a BMW lost control and struck him.

Brenchley suffered four broken ribs, road rash on his face and a broken shoulder blade. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, he remembers stepping out of his vehicle, ”and then I remember everything was black. It felt like a weird dream.“

“It’s miraculous, though, that this is all I have, considering what we saw [on the video],” Brenchley added.

He was assisted by several passersby, including friends, family who work as first responders and the driver who hit him.

The driver, a college-aged woman, has since visited Brenchley and apologized. The Trooper says he holds no “ill will” toward her.

Somewhat of a legend in his community, Brenchley is a second-generation trooper with 13 years of experience, including incidents where he delivered twins on the side of an interstate and helped save a burn victim in a car crash.

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