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Neighbor witnesses SWAT officers breakdown after they couldn’t save toddler


One of the neighbors of the Gwinnett County man that shot and killed his 2-year-old son before killing himself on Wednesday told a news station that the SWAT officers at the scene sobbed when they realized they couldn’t save the child’s life.

According to WBTV.com, Roy Groshek witnessed the officers trying to save the child’s life.

“For 20 hours, they sat here trying to save that kid, and they couldn’t do it,” Groshek said. “I had two grown men bawling their eyes out in my dining room. I sat there and hugged a police officer for two minutes trying to get him to stop crying.”

As the situation began to unfold, Groshek said he and his wife were surprised to see a large police presence outside their home.

“We had snipers in front of our house,” Groshek said. “You look out in the backyard, and there’re two snipers in my backyard — one propped up on the deck, one propped up on my fence.”

During the standoff, Groshek’s home became a make-shift command center. SWAT officers from Gwinnett and DeKalb counties came in to warm up, take bathroom breaks, and drink coffee.

While the officers were in his home, Groshek learned that they were able to slip into his neighbor’s home. The officers told Groshek that his neighbor had confined himself to the master bedroom of his home and had his son in the room with him.

The officers said they could hear the boy running around the room above them. After a while, the officers heard two gunshots and Groshek saw them walking out of the house carrying the boy’s lifeless body to an ambulance.

Groshek said he won’t forget what one of the officers told him as he fought back tears.

“An officer sitting there telling me, ‘My son is 14 years old, and I’m his hero. What he doesn’t know is today I wasn’t good enough,’” Groshek recalled the officer saying.

“I wish people that want to talk bad about the police department could’ve lived in our house for the last 20 hours and seen what those guys did to keep us safe and to try to rescue that kid,” Groshek said.

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  1. Jesus, what an ordeal. I’m so glad that neighbor was willing to lend a helping hand. I hope those officers get the help they need, they are still heroes!

  2. Cops , firefighters, paramedics and ALL first responders are human and family. They have feelings and care about other or they wouldn’t do the job that they do. I still have teary times when i have memories ( fiashback ) of incidents i have been involved with. Take time to say hello and thanks for being there it means alot. Thanks for posting this so others can know that they hurt inside and most times you never see it but the pain is still there . Thank You boys in blue.


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