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Naked woman destroys two restaurants, gets tased by police


A Florida woman had to be tased after she stormed into two Ocala restaurants while naked and began throwing items and liquor bottles onto the floor.

According to the Ocala-News, Tina Kindred ran into an Outback Steakhouse restaurant on Tuesday. This was after she began banging on the outside windows while topless. She then proceeded to walk across a couple of tables, the bar, and then began throwing liquor bottles onto the floor while yelling incoherently.

She then left that restaurant and entered a nearby Mojo Grill in the same plaza. She proceeded to do the same thing she had done in the Outback.

Eventually, police caught up with Kindred in the Mojo Grill. The arriving officer saw Kindred with two bottles of liquor in her hand. When she saw the officer, she then began throwing the bottles at them. The officer was able to dodge one bottle with the other hitting him in his arm. He eventually got close enough to deploy a taser and bring Kindred down to the ground.

Kindred was arrested and taken to a hospital for an evaluation.

She is facing aggravated battery on law enforcement and felony criminal mischief charges.

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