Home News Naked man with wires protruding from penis arrested after flashing, propositioning residents

Naked man with wires protruding from penis arrested after flashing, propositioning residents

Image credit: Boynton Beach Police Department.
Image credit: Boynton Beach Police Department.

A 56-year old Florida man was arrested on Halloween after he was caught driving around a gated community completely naked — with wires protruding from his penis.

According to the Miami Herald, Kurt Jenkins “sexually propositioned a 41-year-old man after calling him over to his Toyota.”

The man later told Boynton Beach Police that he declined when Jenkins told him to get into the passenger seat. He snapped a photo showing the suspect sitting in the driver’s seat with an electrical muscle stimulator on his genitals.

The Daily Mail reports that the device was later revealed to be an “iReliev” muscle stimulator, which works by sending electrical currents to parts of the body hooked to it by pads.
Following the encounter in the residential neighborhood, Jenkins reportedly continued driving towards a nearby elementary school where he slowed down but did not approach any children according to the police report.

When officers arrived to arrest him, had had shorts on but no shirt.

The suspect resisted arrest and police then reportedly used an arm-bar to get him to the ground and in cuffs.  Jenkins’ face appeared bruised and bloodied in his mug shot.

He now faces numerous charges including “lewd and lascivious exhibition, exposure of sexual organs and resisting a law enforcement officer without violence.”

Jenkins is being held at the Palm Beach County jail on $6,000 bond.


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