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Naked man who hid in woman’s trunk for days, “It’s a rite of passage”

Source : TikTok

Don Sweeney

The Charlotte Observer

A British Columbia woman got a shock when she discovered a naked stranger hiding inside her car’s trunk, a TikTok video shows.

“Why are you in my trunk and are you naked?” Bethany Coker of Nanaimo asks the man after spotting him peering through a gap in the back seat.

“Yeah,” the man says. “It’s a rite of passage.”

Coker reported on TikTok the man had been hiding in her trunk since Saturday, Jan. 29, before she discovered him Tuesday, Feb. 1.

“Guess I found out where the mud came from,” Coker wrote on TikTok. She called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who coaxed the man from the trunk, the video shows.

“Can I put my pants on?” the man asks.

“We’d really appreciate that,” a trooper responds.

Staff Sgt. John Blaase told the Nanaimo News Bulletin that troopers took the man to a hospital for a psychological evaluation. He said he does not expect charges to be filed in the case.

“At first I thought someone was playing a prank on me, and then when I realized what was happening, I just kept my phone recording because I wasn’t too sure what was going to happen,” Coker told Global News.

She said the man had apparently been hiding in her trunk while she ran several errands over the previous days.

““We’ve been to the grocery store together, we’ve got sushi together, gas together. We’ve been to work twice. Not a single word,” Coker told Global News.

@bethanycoker This guy has been in my trunk since SATURDAY fully naked. It’s currently Tuesday. Guess I found out where the mud came from… #whatthefuck #foryou #fyp #nakedman #subaru #icannot #wtf ♬ original sound – bethanycoker

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