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Naked man steals police car


37-year-old Jesus Tarango was seen racing up and down a highway in eastern New Mexico, trying to flag cars down in his birthday suit, the night of July 4th.

After getting a few calls from witnesses, a Curry County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene along State Road 245 near Clovis, according to KRQE News 13.

The officer’s body camera captured the entire exchange with Tarango. The suspect is seen sitting on the pavement while the officer flashes a light on him asking Tarango to get over onto the grass.  Tarango refuses and instead leans on the deputy’s squad car calling out for help, while the officer tries to tell the troubled man that “no one is in there, that’s my car.”

The stark-naked man tried to flag down more vehicles but when nobody stopped, he jumped into the squad car and took off.

If that wasn’t outrageous enough, Tarango can be heard over the police radio saying, “I need help, this officer didn’t want to help me. I’m poisoned, that’s why I got the car.”

The deputy in the meantime was left stranded on the side of the road.  He called out over his radio, “He’s stolen my unit, he’s taken off eastbound on Llano, in my unit, running.”

Somehow the man was able to drive himself to a local hospital where he was taken into custody.

Tarango has been charged with resisting an officer, aggravated fleeing and stealing a motor vehicle. Officers say it appears he was impaired at the time of the incident.

Deputies said Tarango was treated for injuries he received before contact with law enforcement. It’s unclear what those injuries are, according to the News 13 report.

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