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Naked man high on bath salts assaults and injures officer

Image credit: Flagstaff Police Department
Image credit: Flagstaff Police Department

An Arizona man high on synthetic drugs assaulted and injured a police officer while the suspect was in the woods.

According to AZ Central, the Flagstaff reported on Monday that the officer was attacked Sunday by a naked 25-year-old Stanley Barnes.

The officer had called for backup and was shortly assisted in taking Barnes down by two off-duty officers and a bystander, according to a statement issued by Flagstaff PD.

Flagstaff police spokesman Sergeant Cory C. Runge said the responding officer -identified as Officer Beckwith- found Barnes in the woods, where the nude individual then demanded that the officer strip down and join him on the ground.

When Beckwith ordered Barnes to put his hands up, Barnes became non-compliant and assumed a “fighting stance” as he approached the officer.

With Barnes continuing to ignore commands to stop, Beckwith used a Taser on Barnes, to no effect. Barnes began to assault the officer, resulting in Beckwith suffering lacerations and bruises due to the ensuing struggle.

Fortunately, an off-duty Northern Arizona University officer, an off-duty Department of Public Safety trooper and a concerned bystander all saw the incident and restrained Barnes until backup arrived.

Both Barnes and Beckwith were taken to the hospital, where Barnes was moved to the Intensive Care Unit.

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