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“My country gassed children,” proclaims Hollywood elite Anne Hathaway


In a world where typing something on social media can have lasting consequences, some people -such as Anne Hathaway- should probably put the phone down and stick to acting.

The Hollywood actress came after President Trump on Tuesday, proclaiming that “my country gassed children” along the US-Mexico border.

“There are no words for my horror,” she wrote in the caption, which accompanied an image of migrants fleeing tear gas after they attempted to illegally enter. “To those who will immediately speak of ‘doing it the right way,’ who will ‘blame the parents for putting the children in this position,’ or say ‘they were storming the wall,’ and ‘they were throwing rocks’: the only human response to this monstrous use of force against LEGAL asylum seekers- against children- is condemnation, shame, and rage.”

According to Fox News, Hathaway asked Trump voters if they still believed “ in voting for the man who recommended using lethal force on families fleeing violence and persecution.”

“This is the policy you like?” she asked.

Tear gas at the border is nothing new. Since 2010, the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection Agency has deployed tear gas over 126 times since 2010, with the majority being used from 2012 to 2016 at an average rate of once per month.

Further information released by DHS shows that pepper spray was deployed 540 times between 2012 to 2018.

In the most recent case that sparked Hathaway’s ire, the tear gas was deployed in response to a violent situation that involved projectiles being thrown at Border Patrol agents.

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