Home News MSNBC tweet joking about dragging a cop a new low for network

MSNBC tweet joking about dragging a cop a new low for network


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In the wake of MSNBCs offensive tweet about the Georgia police officer being dragged by a suspect, there has been major backlash and people are taking to social media to express their distaste. Some are now personally discrediting the news source, labeling them “anti-cop.”  MSNBC deleted the tweet, and apologized shortly after, acknowledging that the post was “inappropriate” but as one Twitter user put it “The damage is done.”

Here are some of the top responses to MSNBCs epic mistake:



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  1. They aren’t in the least bit sorry, and this is just another ‘inappropriate’ thing coming from msnbc. It’s disturbing that they would even think it was tweetable to begin with.

  2. MSNBC yet again displays their true colors for the world to see. Your all nothing but disgusting despicable cop haters. You should app be ashamed.

  3. What is wrong with you people? Have you become so disillusioned that you cannot acknowledge right and wrong?
    Are you so politically motivated that truth and integrity no longer have value? You no longer are relevant to accurate and trustworthy reporting. You’ve lost all credibility. What’s worse, you are so blinded by your own agenda, you cannot see that your voice of influence has been lost due to your refusal to accept the voice of common sense and reason.

    • msnbc & nbc should be taken off the air. They’re nothing but race baiters and scumbags. They just showed their true colors- cops lives don’t matter to them. They stink to high heaven!