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MSD student confronts school’s former deputy in elevator, tells him “I don’t know how you live with yourself”


A viral confrontation inside a Broward County courthouse elevator. The former Marjory Stoneman Douglas deputy was verbally ambushed by a former student who he was sworn to protect.

In a video posted on Instagram, Kyle Kashuv asked former deputy Scot Peterson “can you explain to me why 17 people died at school? Fourteen kids, you stood 70 feet away… did absolutely nothing?”

Kashuv verbally tore at the now-retired deputy in a nearly one-minute elevator ride.

Peterson has been testifying in closed-door hearings all week.

He did not respond to any of Kashuv’s questions or statements.

The former MSD student told TVJ-News 6, “he was the only individual armed and he didn’t do his job, and I wanted to ask him why he didn’t do that. It was his job to go inside and he let 17 people die, 14 of those are kids, three of those were unarmed individuals who actually ran in when that was his job.”

Peterson chose to retire and collect his pension after the February 14th shooting instead of going through an internal affairs investigation.

Surveillance video from the school shows he ran to the freshman building, where the shooting was, but stayed outside and found cover behind a wall.

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