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“Move your ass!” Officer posts viral video about slow people in the left-hand lane


A police officer took to Tik Tok to complain about one her biggest pet peeves as a law enforcement officer, slow people in the left-hand land.

The officer, who goes by the handle @whohughes757, starts the video by telling drivers who are at or under the speed limit and not actively passing someone in the right-hand lane to move over so others can go.

She goes on to point out that people know better.

The officer, who hides her name and department location, points out that she notices a difference when she’s in her personal vehicle.

She indicates that when she’s a civilian, people will remain slow in the left hand land. When she’s in her patrol car, people actively move over. “When I’m in my cop car you’re quick, you get the hell over,” she says.

“It’s not that you don’t know the law, it’s that you’re inconsiderate.”

She goes on to point out that the maneuver is the law and that it really isn’t all that hard.

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