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Motorcyclist gives an officer the bird, then karma struck

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A Florida motorcyclist decided to express his displeasure with the police by buzzing by a stopped patrol car and using the universal hand signal of the middle finger. That cyclist was busy looking behind him instead of in front and was shocked when a truck legally entered the intersection and struck him.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened on Friday evening. A deputy attempted to perform a traffic stop on a group of motorcyclists for unsafe driving. That’s when the group took off and continued to drive recklessly.

The deputy then stopped at a red light to end the pursuit when one of the cyclists passed him while flying the bird with one hand. That’s when a truck coming the opposite way struck the cyclist.

Joshua Richardson survived the crash and was arrested at the scene after he tried to run away.

Richardson is charged with multiple crimes including resisting arrest and traffic citations.

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