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Montana police defy neo-Nazi march, hang Mezuzah in show of solidarity



When neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin vowed to lead an armed march in the small ski town of Whitefish, Montana, he probably never imagined solidarity, and maybe just a little “divine intervention,” would be stronger than his message of hate against member’s of city’s Jewish community.

Richard Spencer, who popularized the term “alt-right” wanted to march in January to gain support for he and his family, who Anglin, the editor and founder of neo-Nazi Website the Daily Stormer, claim are being unfairly targeted by Jewish activists.

In a show of solidarity, Whitefish police and Jewish leaders are leaning on each other, and the Heavens, to find strength and peace.

Inspired during a recent trip to Jerusalem, Rabbi Adam Scheier, a congregational leader from Montreal who was visiting Whitefish with other Orthodox rabbis from the U.S. and Canada, asked Police Chief William Dial if he would consider putting a mezuzah on his office door.

In a post on Scheier’s Facebook page, the rabbi talks about how he was inspired to make the request. He also talks about Chief Dial’s response.

“Last week, I was in Jerusalem when the idea of a solidarity visit to Montana emerged,” the rabbi said in his post. “In that holy city, I purchased a mezuzah made of Jerusalem stone, and asked the Police Chief if he would consider putting it – as a symbol of protection and faith – on his office door. He (the Chief) said, “No, I won’t put it on my office door. I want to put it in a more central location, where everyone will see it.”

Photos on the post show Rabbi Scheier and Chief Dial hanging the mezuzah.

Scheier’s post concludes, “May God bless these wonderful people of extraordinary integrity and courage.”

According to Aish.com, a mezuzah is a daily reminder – and a public declaration – of Jewish identity and faith. More information about the mezuzah can be found at the site.

According to a story on JPUpdates, Anglin’s planned march has been indefinitely postponed due to lack of a permit, though he has said he plans to carry it out at a later date.

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