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Missouri man has meltdown at Taco Bell, then films his encounter with officer


YouTube video

A Missouri man was stopped by police after he created a scene at a local Taco Bell- and the entire encounter was recorded for your pleasure.

The recently discovered video was posted to YouTube in August by username “Gizmos,” and documents the asinine behavior of an irate Taco Bell customer who allegedly cussed up a storm at the Mount Vernon franchise.

Gizmos was walking along a major road when he was stopped by Mount Vernon PD Officer Richardson, who joined the agency in 2016. As Richardson approached, Gizmos began filming.

When asked why he caused a disturbance at the Taco Bell, Gizmos complained that he waited twenty minutes for a twelve-pack of tacos, all the while observing drive-thru orders being fulfilled.

“They’re sitting there calling the cops on me,” he said. “They should have better service.”

Gizmos insisted that he did not curse in front of children, despite claims made to the contrary by the individuals who summoned Richardson to the scene.

“Do you have an ID on you?” Richardson asked.

“I do,” Gizmos said. “What have I done wrong?”

“You caused a disturbance at Taco Bell,” Richardson replied flatly.

“No I have not.”

After having a “peace disturbance” explained to him, Gizmos attempted to engage in mental gymnastics to get out of trouble, including asking if a crying baby is an example of disturbing the peace.

Richardson explained that babies don’t use vulgarities, which is part of what constitutes disturbing the peace.

“How do you know what the baby is saying?” Gizmos asked.

“A baby doesn’t talk when it cries,” Richardson responded with an unamused head tilt.

Upon realizing he was getting a ticket , Gizmos attempted to stall for time. Not having it any longer, Richardson asked for Gizmos’ ID.

“All I need to do is see your ID, that’s it,” he said.

Gizmos handed the ID over, and then asked for Richardson’s.

The video has been viewed only around 2,300 times, and the comments are fairly negative in terms of people siding with Gizmos, with a staggering 4:10 like to dislike ratio.
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