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Missouri city wants police chief out because he refuses to work 40 hour weeks, bullies employees

Source: Miner City Police

A number of city officials want Miner City Police Chief Chris Griggs out. He says the city board members are violating his authority as chief. Now both sides are heading for a showdown.

According to KFVS-12, Chief Griggs has been notified articles of impeachment will be brought up against him at a special meeting in March.

Griggs has already filed a lawsuit against the city’s board saying it violated his authority as chief by forcing him to rehire an employee he fired.

The board members say they’ve gone through the records and found Griggs has failed to work a 40-hour work week or be on call at all times, he wrongfully terminated Laura Adams, has bullied his officers and has operated his work computer for personal use.

City officials say they’ve addressed the issues both pubically in board meetings as well as in private with the chief, but that Griggs still has not improved.

Griggs has filed his own lawsuit against the board saying its investigation into his department’s practices and policies violated city ordinance.

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