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Mississippi trooper tosses speeding ticket after thoughtful gift from driver


A very touching and moving gesture from a random driver, compels a trooper in Mississippi to void a speeding ticket. This story of a very grateful Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper is going viral.

Mike Powers, unhappy about a road trip he had to take for work, was making his way from Nashville to Mississippi, when he was pulled over in Batesville by MHP trooper Jason Ales.

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Powers’ day seemed liked it was just getting worse, when a little divine intervention turned things around for the young man.

After thinking about his problems, Powers says, they seemed small in comparison to the ones this trooper was most likely dealing with on a daily basis. That was the motivation behind his next move.

“I just had a feeling I needed to ask him how his day was going. I said ‘how are you’ and how are the officers in Mississippi doing in light of all the senseless killings of police officers.”

Trooper Ales responded that he was doing good and it’s tough, but… “he was going to keep doing what he needed to do to help people.”

Ales – who had already issued a $200 speeding ticket to Powers – said what happened next really got him choked up.  Powers handed him a wooden saint bracelet, and told him “g-d forbid you ever need it, this will keep you safe.”

“I was so touched by it I almost teared up there,” says Trooper Ales. He ended up voiding the ticket, because he was so moved by this random act of kindness. “With the stuff that’s going on with officers, that right there was so positive we needed that, I mean I needed that,” said Ales.

The trooper hung the wooden bracelet from the camera on the inside of his patrol car, HLN reported. “It’s ahead of me and watching over me and my patrol car at all times,” Ales said.

According to WJTV, Powers used the money that would’ve gone to pay the ticket and donated it to help orphans in North Mississippi.

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