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Mississippi Sheriff accused of promising women no jail time for pleasure

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A rural Mississippi sheriff is accused of offering women in trouble with the law a simple exchange. The women would avoid jail if they had sex with the sheriff.

According to Fox News, Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott had been making that deal with multiple women for years. Scott was elected as Sheriff in 2012, but the accusations go as far back as when he was a Sheriff’s deputy.

One woman, Amber Jones, says she made the deal after she violated her probation after failing a drug test. She left prison and became an Administrative Assistant at the Sheriff’s Office in exchange for intimate encounters.

Another woman said Scott had driven her to a hog farm after picking her up and offered her the same deal as other victims. She said it happened on five different occasions.

She was able to get her arrest overturned by a judge after she presented letters Scott had written to her in jail.

The Sheriff’s Office did not say whether an internal investigation or discipline was ever completed.

Scott’s inappropriate behavior extended beyond suspected criminals. Women in the Sheriff’s Office accuse Scott of making unwanted advances or physical touching.

Scott is currently in the middle of a primary campaign to hold on to his position as Sheriff next year.

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