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Mission Statement

LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ got its start as an Officer Rights website, but soon became aware of the need for LEOs to talk candidly about law enforcement related topics without the fear of repercussion.  Thus, our Message Board area was born.

LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ basically consists of a Website and a Message Board area.

Our Website is a knowledge base of information for both Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers.  We believe that information is not only a powerful thing, but can place you in control of a situation.  Here you will find information about Internal Affairs, the Policeman’s Bill of Rights, Whistle Blower laws, Public Corruption and an array of other informational areas.

Our Message Board area contains hundreds of law enforcement agency Message Boards from multiple countries around the world.  We allow LEOs to talk about work related topics (within our Terms of Use) without the fear of repercussion.   In order to help supply a solution and effect change when needed, we encourage access by the Media and General Public.   We also encourage participation from LEOs around the world to help build camaraderie amongst our group.

The primary motivation for creating LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ was a horrific experience Det. Chip DeBlock had with Internal Affairs. While a number of us have had similar encounters, the possibility of this happening to other officers is simply unacceptable.

LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ is not meant to be agency or state specific.  We are also supportive of efforts to unionize police departments and sheriff’s offices.  It is not meant to be a “slam” site. We have every intention of operating professionally while supplying law enforcement officers with what we consider to be crucial information and a voice online.

LEO Team