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Milwaukee area police officers' teamwork gets injured cop to hospital


When a 25-year veteran of the Wauwatosa police dept. was shot by a suspect with a very extensive criminal history, a fellow squad rushed him to a nearby hospital.

Police say, “Teamwork was integral in getting that detective to the hospital, with other responding officers skipping an ambulance, and instead taking him to the hospital themselves.”

According to WDJT, the officer was coherent during the drive, and asking about his wife, dealing with the pain while his colleagues comforted him while putting pressure on his wounds.

“If you’re ever going to get into a situation, you want this guy with you. Or if you’re ever wondering about something going on in your neighborhood. He’s the guy you want on patrol,” said Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber.

Police say the suspect, 20 year old Najee Harmon, is being charged with attempted murder. Harmon has a long rap sheet dating back to 2011 when he was convicted of felony battery. Then again, in 2012 for felony theft. Some questioned why he was back out on the streets to begin with. But a local judge said he served his one year sentence for the prior convictions. Harmon is accused of shooting the 52-year-old Wauwatosa detective June 19th as he and two other officers investigated a burglary. A few days earlier Harmon was involved in an armed robbery police say.

After sparking a massive manhunt in Milwaukee Friday, Harmon was taken into custody on Saturday when police found him hiding in the basement of a home.

As far as how people would describe the injured Wauwatosa detective, well Weber says, “He’s one of those officers that just really lives and breathes his job and he’s a very experienced guy and we are very proud of him and think he did the right thing.”

The officer –who has not been identified — was reportedly shot in the buttocks and is expected to make a full recovery.

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