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Military vet police officer slaps tourniquet on officer during fire fight with suspect


Two Denver Police officers displayed incredible calm under fire during a shootout with an armed robbery suspect last month, even after one lawman was wounded in the exchange.

The June shootout took place after two Denver Bike Patrol Officers -District Six Officers Sean Drew and Travis Lloyd, who just happened to be in a patrol vehicle that day- were asked to stop 29-year-old Carnell Nelson, who had just robbed a convenience store.

As the two officers took chase, Nelson opened fire on the officers, striking Lloyd once in the right thigh. Unfazed and hopped up on adrenaline, Lloyd returned fire, mortally wounding Nelson.

During the tense moments that followed, Officer Drew (who was wearing a KIA bracelet on his right arm, a good indicator that he is a military veteran with overseas experience) began applying a tourniquet and shepherding his wounded partner, who was determined to stay in the fight.

As other officers approached and entered the duo’s line of fire, the two disengaged and focused on treating Lloyd and a woman who had been shot by the suspect. Unfortunately, one bystander was also wounded blocks away, having been grazed in the neck by a DPD bullet.

In a press conference, DPD Commander Barb Archer discussed the civilian casualties.

“We did have a male who was inside Slice Works [Pizza] that was injured by a bullet graze,” said Archer, in a press conference posted to Twitter. “We have determined that it was a ricochet from one of the officer’s rounds because of the trajectory path. It went through the window and nicked the side of this neck and struck the [wall-mounted] TV.”

Lloyd’s use of force was declared “justified” earlier today by the District Attorney, exactly one month after the incident.

During the investigation, Lloyd was asked what he was thinking about during the shootout.

“Dying,” Lloyd said. “The best way to put it is I don’t…I guess you never know how you’re going to react when you’re getting shot at, but once I recognized that I was getting shot at…I was, I was not going to let him kill me. I’m not going to let him get away, you know after shooting me…I’m going to make sure that he stops shooting at me and doesn’t have the ability to kill someone else.”

It is unknown if Lloyd has recovered from his wounds and returned to duty.

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