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Michigan State Police angry over trooper slamming department as racist at public community event


Michigan State Police have launched an investigation into trooper Faith Larkin, who publicly told a predominantly African American church congregation that MSP is prejudiced against them, racially profiles them, and has too many white troopers.

Trooper Larkin was on leave at the time and not authorized to speak to the public on behalf of MSP. However Larkin agreed to be a panelist at Troy’s Embassy Covenant Church International for a forum with law enforcement and members of the community.

At an event designed to bring police and the community together, Trooper Larkin drove the wedge even further labeling MSP as inherently racist.

“They are being racial profiled by this Caucasian officer who does not know often times how to interact with someone that is not of their own race,” Larkin said.

Larking suggested white troopers from white communities do not have the life experience or police training to root out prejudice, according to ClickOnDetroit.

“Probably 85 percent of our unit is Caucasian,” Larkin said.

“You have a law enforcement that is primarily Caucasian with their biases, with their prejudices, with the media hyping things up, and you are asking them to go out and do a job where prejudice is not allowed,” Larkin said.

Larkin also told the audience that she doesn’t follow the MSP handbook while on patrol, saying that when she pulls someone over and the driver gives her attitude, then “attitude is what you get back. If you are rude, expect rudeness back.”

Michigan State Police Commander Emmitt McGowan refuted Larkins claims when interviewed.  McGowan stated that she wasn’t authorized to speak at the event and that an investigation into it has been launched.


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  1. To begin with, there are certain minimum standards to be met. If you cant meet those standards, you cannot be hired. After thirty one years on the street, I have seen double standards for certain individuals who have been hired, that ultimately have done harm to themselves or those they work with. You need to look at the statistics of criminal behavior, broken down by race and victim, then decide for yourself who is really the racist here, and who or which organizations promote the racist attitudes and beliefs. Why is it, even on this forum, we have not heard of the death of our Alaskan brother, a white officer who made the ultimate sacrifice after being shot by a white suspect.


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