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Miami-Dade police forced to work Dolphins games after few signed up for extra duty after National Anthem protests


Miami-Dade police who are boycotting the NFL have essentially been told to suck it up by the police director when it comes to providing security at Dolphins games- in an era where players are kneeling for the national anthem.

As the Miami Dolphins prepare to face down the New York Jets, around 380 officers are needed for the off-duty assignment, only 175 have signed up.

Miami-Dade PBA President John Rivera expressed his opinions on the matter.

“We have the right to work a voluntary job or not,” Rivera said, “and so we support those officers that were OK with working it, as well as we were supporting the officers that didn’t want to work it for whatever reason.”

This doesn’t bode well for Juan Perez, Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, who is now requiring officers to work the game.

“I am now faced with a critical dilemma as the staffing shortages place our community and fellow officers at risk,” said Perez. “The worst scenario we can experience is a successful terrorist attack or active shooter scenario due to a vulnerability of security. I made the decision to mandate officers to work the game under operational necessity.”

According to WSVN, Rivera responded publicly, saying he and Perez “had a conversation, and he expressed his concerns and we expressed ours.”

Those Dolphins players who wish to kneel are now opting to stay in the stadium tunnels until the anthem is complete.

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