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Memphis woman hit school security guard, another student’s mom with car to teach them a ‘little lesson’



A mother from Memphis has no regrets about committing vehicular battery against a security guard and parent at her child’s school, even if it landed her in jail.

Tameeka Tucker and an unnamed security guard were attacked by Kristy Shipp, who was confronted after being double-parked at the child drop-off point at the Soulsville Charter School.

While Tucker attempted to de-escalate the situation, Shipp decided the logical thing to do would be to jump the curb and run into Tucker and the guard.

According to the Daily Mail, Tucker and the guard were hospitalized for injuries.

“Hit me from the back first, and then the security guard next and got my whole left side,” Tucker recounted. ”When she hit me, I jumped up because I thought she was going to hit me again.”

It should be noted that Shipp shows no remorse for the attack, nor does she regret carrying it out while two pre-teen children were in the car.

“I just tapped her with my car to teach her a little lesson,” she said. “’I don’t regret it. I’m still going to court this morning. Truth be told, I don’t (regret it) because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t feel bad either.”

Shipp was arrested from her home by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office around 1pm on Monday and released from police custody on Tuesday. She is charged with aggravated assault.

No stranger to handcuffs, Shipp was recently arrested two months ago for driving with a revoked or suspended license.

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