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MCSO mobilizes ‘armed posse’ to help protect deputies on patrol

Image credit: MCSO.
Image credit: MCSO.

The famous Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona has mobilized his his armed posse to assist MCSO Deputies, often going on ride-alongs as they conduct daily patrols of towns and countryside.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, moved by recent shootings of law enforcement personnel, “Sheriff Joe” has mobilized armed posses to assist deputies when they could be in the most danger.

“The war on cops must end,” Mr. Arpaio said. “It is imperative that the first line of defense in this country against crime -the cop in America- be protected while protecting us.”

Since the San Bernardino attack, Arpaio said he calls upon the citizenry to do their part in fighting off evildoers until police can arrive.

“I expect armed citizens to take action in the event a terror attack or other violence occurs until law enforcement arrives,” he added.

In addition to armed patrols going out with deputies, the annual volunteer mall patrol posse is gearing up for it’s 23rd holiday operation.

Instituted in the early 90s after several break-ins at the holiday, the mall patrol has been used to keep the possibility of a terrorist attack at bay.

According to Your West Valley, Arpaio raised over $250,000 from police seizure-firearms sales in March of 2016, earning enough to purchase vests and radios for the posse members to assist police on patrols.



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